Discuss in detail the disinfection supply center of the hospital

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First of all, I want to give you an analysis. The first major user of water treatment equipment in hospitals is cleaning related departments and places. The most obvious is the disinfection supply center of the hospital, which is available regardless of the size of the hospital, even if it is now a very small specialized hospital, it is also required.

The hospital disinfection supply center, to put it bluntly, is the logistic supply and support department of the hospital, which is the core of preventing the spread of disease. With the increasing supervision of hospitals by the state, the requirements of disinfection supply room are becoming stricter and stricter. Next, I will talk about this section briefly and share it with you.
In the disinfection supply room of a hospital, the main supporting medical instruments are washing machines and sterilizers. Mainly cleaning and disinfection, cleaning surgeon's scalpel, surgical instruments. There are also white coats, work clothes and bedsheets used in the ward for sterilization and disinfection. The state has strict normative requirements for the construction of the whole hospital supply room. Now there is basically no manual operation, especially in the infected areas. Only in the non-infected areas after cleaning and disinfection can manual packaging be done.
Now that all medical devices are operated, I'll tell you about the medical devices we use together. The first is the cleaning machine, which has been gradually developed and matured in the medical disinfection supply room in recent years. The overall popularization has been in the last five or six years. Ten years ago, the sale price of a cleaning machine was more than 300,000 yuan, and now it has reached 78,000 yuan. The high-end brand of cleaning machine is Jieding of Sweden, which is a foreign brand. Only big hospitals can use his products. The market share of cleaning machine is the highest in Shandong Xinhua. Shandong Xinhua Medical Co., Ltd. has seized the east wind of the market and developed rapidly in recent years. In addition, there is Haier cleaning machine, Haier Group also has a medical equipment company, since 2008 has been involved in the hospital supply room cleaning machine, a friend of mine participated in the initial design and development of Haier cleaning machine. There are not many brands on the market, such as White Elephant, Swan and so on.

The state attaches great importance to the disinfection supply room. As early as 2009, when it was also called the agency of the Ministry of Health, it issued mandatory norms, mandatory health industry standards:
(1) WS310.1-2009 Hospital Sterilization Supply Center Part 1: Management Specification;
(2) WS310.2-2009 Hospital Sterilization Supply Center Part 2: Technical Operation Specifications for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization;
(3) WS310.3-2009 Hospital Sterilization Supply Center Part 3: Monitoring Standards for Cleaning and Disinfection and Sterilization Effect.

The mandatory standard clearly stipulates the requirements of water quality in the sterilization supply room. The specific contents are as follows:
9.3 Washing water: cold and hot tap water, soft water, purified water or distilled water should be supplied. The water quality of tap water should conform to the regulation of GB5749: The purified water should conform to the conductivity (<15 uS/cm) (25 C).
9.4 Sterilized steam water: soft water or purified water.

In the process of medical purified water, reverse osmosis must be used. According to the actual situation of hospitals, most of them use single-stage reverse osmosis technology, only a few hospitals use double-stage reverse osmosis equipment. According to the size of the hospital, most of the general hospitals in prefecture-level cities use reverse osmosis pure water equipment of 3/5 tons per hour; the general hospitals in county-level cities mostly use reverse osmosis pure water equipment of 1 ton per hour flow; and some specialized hospitals generally use 0.5 tons per hour to produce water. Quantity reverse osmosis equipment.

The process flow required for water treatment in disinfection supply room in regular hospitals is as follows:
Source Water Tank - Source Water Pump - Quartz Sand Filtration - Activated Carbon Filtration - Resin Softening - Precision Filter - Primary High Pressure Pump - Primary Reverse Osmosis Membrane - Intermediate Water Tank - Secondary High Pressure Pump - Secondary Reverse Osmosis Membrane - Pure Water Booster Pump - Ultraviolet Sterilization - Microporous Filter - Use Water Intake Point.
Of course, this is a requirement for regular hospital configuration process, some small hospitals will be appropriate to simplify some processes, such as ultraviolet sterilizers, in accordance with the current national standards to check and accept, it is also no problem.