The most intuitive working principle diagram of valve in history

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Valve is a large type of agricultural machinery accessories, and many kinds of applications are very extensive, which is very common in agricultural machinery control system. It is mainly the control part of the fluid conveying system. It has the functions of cut-off, regulation, diversion, countercurrent prevention, stabilization, diversion or overflow relief.

Valves are usually composed of body, bonnet, seat, opening and closing parts, driving mechanism, seals and fasteners. The control function of the valve is realized by driving mechanism or fluid to drive the lifting, sliding, swing or rotary motion of the hoist to change the size of the runner area.

Demonstration of Valve Dynamic Diagram
You can quickly and clearly grasp the valve principle.

Unidirectional valve

Hydraulic reversing valve

Manual reversing valve

Three-five-way reversing valve

Three-four-way reversing valve

Two-position four-way reversing valve

Two-position two-way reversing valve

Relief valve

Pressure relief valve

200P pressure relief valve
Sequential Valve

throttle valve

Speed regulating valve

Telescopic servo mechanism of manipulator

Electric remote control valve

Cartridge valve

Pneumatic membrane valve

Rolling diaphragm cylinder piston actuator

Pneumatic valve positioner

Pneumatic Film Regulating Valve

Globe valve

Three-way valve

butterfly valve

Diaphragm valve

Globe valve

orifice valve