Jilin Younik Technology Co., Ltd.

Jilin Younik Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. We provide complete water system design and validation scheme for national pharmaceutical factories, non-standard customization of water system equipment suitable for pharmaceutical factories, turnkey project for clean pipelines, and post-sale service. We have a passionate sales team, real-time response to customer needs, we have rigorous technical force, to provide optimal solutions for customer needs, we have quality first construction team, reduce customer risk. We have a sound after-sales service system to reduce customer worries.

Our business philosophy is to win by quality, innovation and win-win cooperation.
UNIQUE Development Mission
Customer is the first object of service and quality is the first requirement.
Honesty is the first brand, innovation is the first productivity, service is our solemn commitment to every customer.

Work Spirit - Be good at thinking, acting smartly and taking responsibility together!
Good thinking, active thinking, diligent thinking, good thinking;
Be quick to act bravely, act to achieve results, and test the success or failure of results.
Clear responsibility with responsibility, shared responsibility, responsibility to people;
Team work and progress together;

UNIQUE core value - win-win happiness, innovation and harmony!
Achieving customers and pursuing win-win facing customers, we strive to provide the best quality products and services, and pursue the maximization of win-win interests.
To cultivate talents and work happily for employees, we always adhere to the concept of "ten years of trees, one hundred years of trees" and provide broad learning and development space for every employee.
Adhering to the market and innovative technology in the face of competition, we insist on opening up the market, developing technology, improving competitiveness, and creating a better future for enterprises and employees.
To serve the society and build a harmonious society, we should actively assume the social responsibility of enterprises, cultivate good ability and contribute our strength to social harmony.
UNIQUE Enterprise Management - Learning, Institution, Culture!
Learning to lead innovation is based on learning other people's experience. Without learning, there will be no innovation, and there will be insufficient learning and innovation.
Management guarantee development depends on scientific management system. Management produces benefits and management promotes development.
Success in cultural cohesion is the integration of outstanding performances in all respects, and culture is the adhesive that keeps outstanding performances in all respects going on.

UNIQUE code of conduct is honesty, trustworthiness, honesty and dedication; integrity, responsibility, modesty and courtesy; enthusiasm, diligence, learning, courage and win-win.
Honesty and trustworthiness: Honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of one's life.
Integrity and dedication: Gentlemen love talent and have a good way to take it;
Integrity and responsibility: Only with a sense of justice and responsibility can we have a future for development.
Modesty and courtesy: Look more at others'achievements and their own shortcomings; Give people roses, hand fragrance;
Enthusiasm to help others: If you are willing to help others, they will help me; first be altruistic, then altruistic;
Self-confidence and love: self-confidence, spiritual foot, love the world wide;
Diligence and eagerness to learn: endless learning, diligence is the boat;








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