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    Purified water preparation system
    Purified water preparation system is customized for customers according to their different needs.
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    Batching System
    The batching system includes: buckle pre-tank sealing, sterile liquid dispensing, oral liquid dispensing and other equipment.
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    CIP/SIP Cleaning System
    The modular design of CIP/SIP cleaning system is used for on-line cleaning (CIP) and on-line sterilization (SIP) of process equipment or tank material system.
  • 洁净管道工程
    Clean Pipeline Engineering
    Clean pipeline system provides reliable storage and transportation of purified water, injection water, pure steam, compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen for pharmaceutical plants. The pipeline system meets GMP production requirements.
  • 自动控制系统
    automatic control system
    Automation control system can be simply divided into setting unit, display unit, alarm unit, control unit, recording unit, formula unit, etc. It realizes four-level password operation, electronic record/signature, and meets GMP related requirements.
  • 循环分配模块
    Circular Distribution Module
    The water system distribution module integrates the transportation unit, disinfection unit, control unit and self-control operation panel HMI of the water system distribution and circulation pipeline into a framework, so as to simplify the system, facilitate operation and maintenance.
  • peijian
    Parts Update
    Non-standard customization is suitable for the turnkey project of water system equipment and clean pipes in pharmaceutical factories. For the damaged parts or accessories in the late use of the finished project, please contact after-sales customer service.
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    Automatic System Renovation Service
    With the requirement of GMP specification increasing year by year, many customers'equipment self-control has not conformed to GMP specification. Yuhui provides the upgrading and customization service of automatic control system according to the actual situation of customers' site. For example, four levels of operation, electronic record/signature, etc.