Purified water preparation system
Purified water preparation system is customized for customers according to their different needs.

device details
According to the difference of raw water, terminal water quality and customer's demand, Unique customizes the purified water preparation system for non-standard customers on the premise of meeting GMP and related industry standards.

Purified water preparation system filtration, softening, ultrafiltration, dosing, RO reverse osmosis, EDI continuous electrical desalination module, our advantages, from the customer's point of view, according to the actual needs of customers to select the most suitable equipment for customers, our advantages:

1. Process optimization, system internal cycle design, so that the system without water demand, still in a low flow operation state, to avoid the risk of microbial reproduction caused by shutdown, and restart response time is short 2. Energy-saving optimization: according to customer's raw water quality, combined with process design, the highest water yield is 75%. 3. Disinfection optimization: According to the water quality, chemical disinfection or pasteurization should be selected. 4 module optimization: the whole system is an independent module with small area and short construction period. 5. Auto-control optimization: set up a variety of operation modes to meet different production needs.