Batching System
The batching system includes: buckle pre-tank sealing, sterile liquid dispensing, oral liquid dispensing and other equipment.

device details
Ingredient system buckle pre-tank sealing, sterile liquid mixing, oral liquid mixing, etc.
The main functions include concentration, decarbonization and filtration, dilution, aseptic storage, sterilization and filtration, material transportation, heating/cooling, CIP/SIP and control system.

Aiming at product process, user URS and related regulations and standards, the process flow and equipment selection of the system are designed. The system realizes automatic control of online cleaning, sterilization and material transportation.
Pipeline and equipment meet GMP production requirements, there is no blind pipe and dead angle, the installation of equipment and accessories is easy to disassemble, maintain, maintain and repair.
The control system has four levels of privilege operation and electronic signature tracking record. It can monitor and record the relevant parameters of the liquid distribution system in real time to meet the operation requirements of the production process.
According to the layout of field equipment, three-dimensional design of the whole system is carried out before the detailed design is completed.

The company provides a full range of certification services, including risk assessment (RA), design confirmation (DQ), installation confirmation (IQ), operation confirmation (OQ), etc.